DebitCoin is a decentralized crypto currency platform, tied to VISA / MasterCard and integrated into a messenger. It is used to pay for the services of the platform itself, compensate the ecosystem participants for the services they provide, for the performance of any transactions, in the system and beyond it, through payment debit cards.

Such a large volume of tokens is released with the expectation that there will not be a shortage of tokes during the sales, and also to have a fair market valuations of such tokens. We are confident that DebitCoin will be in high demand and the entire volume of tokens will be distributed among the maximum number of interested parties. In other words, we concluded that 1 billion is the most adequate estimate for the demand for tokens.

As part of the creation of the future Messenger Bank AG with a banking license in Switzerland, the crypto currency shall become the official currency of the bank, with its subsequent use in bank's activities, including customers' fees, the automatic exchange of DebitCoin for any fiat currencies and the repayment of credits by cryptocurrency, the creation of deposits and much more.

DebitCoin is the internal currency of Telegraf Money and it is linked to the embedded VISA / MasterCard. Thus, for its cashing it is not necessary to use exchanges platforms or exchange offices, waste unecessary commission for withdrawal. This option will be available to all cardholders by default.

DebitCoin's tokens are not subject to inflation - on the contrary they are a deflationary asset, as they are repaid (burned) with each conversion to a VISA / MasterCard, to which the token is tied, so the total number of tokens is constantly decreasing.

The distribution of DebitCoin to ICO tokens will be in the form of Auctions for specified periods.

The task of the auction is to get the best prices and conditions for the transaction. DebitCoin's ICO is the 1st interactive ICO in the world, conducted in the format of auctions in real time. The advantage of this sales method is that token's price is set by the participants themselves in the bidding process, by applying for purchase. After that, the cut-off price is determined, according to which all successful bids will receive tokens at the minimum or average weighted price (for more details click here).

Terms and amount of ICO periods are set depending on the results of previous periods, taking into account the volumes and prices of distributed tokens. The strategy is designed to increase the value of the token.

In addition to the advantages of DebitCoin described in clause 3., buyers who bought tokens at the auction within the first 30 days (from the ICO start date) receive a Buyback guarantee with a guaranteed 10% premium. The buyback guarantee allows you to convert DebitCoin to VISA / MasterCard card in dollar equivalent with a coefficient of 1.1 to the purchase price. Thus, it guarantees to early buyers a minimum of 10% return in US dollars to the purchase price, regardless of which conversion rate will be relevant in 90 days. If DebitCoin exceeds the guaranteed ratio, the profit of its owner is increased by the difference between 1.1 and the rate of actual conversion or sale on exchanges.

When distributing DebitCoin - 50% of all sales will be sent to the Reserve Fund, which was created to support and further increase the value of DebitCoin, using the secret key formula developed by the project team to ensure the deflation.

DebitCoin can be used to perform any transactions between ecosystem participants, top up VISA / MasterCard cards linked to the Telegraf.Money Messenger , for issuing and receiving short-term loans, using smart contracts on the blockchain, creating smart deposits, accepting and sending payments between Messenger users.

DebitCoin's tokens are issued on a smart contract of the Ethereum blockchain (standard ERC-20). Crypto currency can be used for any purchases from VISA / MasterCard, withdrawal of cash in any ATM, international transfers to any part of the world, sale on the exchange platforms or exchange offices.

Telegraf.money messenger app/website is by default the wallet for DebitCoin storage and related financial operations. Now DebitCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum are stored on this wallet, other crypto-currencies will be added in the near future. Since DebitCoin is a ERC-20 standard token, you can store it in any other compatible wallet, for example in the standard Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet,

DebitCoin GOLD is a multicurrency physical wallet for cold storage of private keys from crypto currency: Bitcoin, Altcoins and any Ethereum tokens ERC-20 (this is one of the advantages of holders of physical coins DebitCoin GOLD). The device reliably protects users' wallets from viruses, malware and locks. Multi-wallet DebitCoin GOLD - the most reliable wallet for your crypto currency. It provides you with the best protection and convenience, therefore any person, even unfamiliar with the crypto-market, can safely protect its crypto-currency assets.

DebitCoin GOLD with any amount of crypto currency loaded into it can be transferred to any other person as cash.

For fiat money, the exchange will go through automatic conversion to VISA / MasterCard. In addition, DebitCoin tokens can be sold / exchanged at crypto-exchange exchanges, exchange offices, etc.

Buying / Selling DebitCoin before ICO can only be done by the holders of the tokens that bought them during the test sales. To buy / sell / exchange DebitCoin after the start of ICO, DBC will be available on exchanges (within 30-40 days after the start of ICO, the token will become freely traded currency and can be used for exchange and sale on exchanges), and it can be used to make transactions between participants, payment for services provided by participants, and services of the Platform.

Bounty program is presented on the site of Bounty Starter, which is currently used to promote the DebitCoin crypto currency (directly) and is intended for other crypto-currencies that require advancement in various areas.




ICO will happen on DebitCoin.io on its own platform, developed by Messenger.

There is no fixed time for the ICO, the timing and number of auctions, within the distribution, are set depending on the results of previous trades taking into account the volumes and prices of distributed tokens.

Precisely the exact time frame is not established, in order to provide the best conditions for buyers at prices and quantities.

The main reason for this is to avoid speculative prices. The development strategy of the DebitCoin release is aimed at increasing the value of the currency and increasing the demand among the potential customers of the created services and the ecosystem as a whole.

The purchase will be available at auctions only through Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Payment by other methods will be available through authorized ICO dealers (detailed information about authorized dealers will be published later).

This will not be possible during the first stages of the ICO. The purchase will only be possible with your own Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets in Telegraf.Money for which you hold your private keys. According to the terms of the auction, you can apply for the purchase of DebitCoin only if you have the required number of BTC and ETH on the Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. This condition is made to avoid manipulating prices during the auction, by submitting empty applications without the availability of funds for their payment.

After the announcement of the results of the auction, the potential buyer of DebitCoin's crypto currency will be able to pay or cancel the purchase within 24 hours.

You can top up your Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets in Telegraf Money in any way: through the exchange platform, through the exchanger or through a transfer from another purse.

We are actively working towards listing on all the major trading platforms, such as BTCBear, CEX, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Cryptopia and others for maximum liquidity of DebitCoin.

At first, DebitCoin will become available for operations on the decentralized Bitshares exchange platform integrated in the Messenger, as well as on the decentralized P2P exchanges, such as the popular LocalBitcoins, where it will be possible to buy and sell DebitCoin simply and reliably in many ways, conveniently for the participant, such as bank account transfer, payment card, various payment systems and wallets, etc. In the list of places where it is possible to buy and sell the crypto currency, all countries of the world will be available on www.debitcoin.io .

The cost of DebitCoin tokens after the completion of ICO will be at a level not lower than the minimum purchase price of DebitCoin.

Auctions and subsequent auctions will be held in stages and based on previous results. The benchmark for the minimum cost (cut-off price) will be the average weighted price of the token at the previous auction or on exchanges where DebitCoin is traded. This implies a constant increase in value, since the average weighted price is always above the minimum.

The price will not be artificially raised, however, due to the limit number of tokens offered during each stage, it's assumed that the price might naturally increase with increased demand, visibilaty and usage of the ecosystem.

When purchasing a token on the Auction within the first 30 days after the ICO start, the buyer receives a guaranteed right, up to 90 days to convert the DebitCoin tokens to a VISA / MasterCard with a coefficient of 1.1 to the purchase price, guaranteed to receive a 10% return in US dollars.

In our firm opinion, the value of the token after the ICO or by the end of its term will be significantly higher than the prices offered at the first auctions. We assume a deficit of tokens already in a year, as the DebitCoin usage model assumes a constant reduction in their number with each conversion when paying for purchases or withdrawing cash through a VISA / MC card to which tokens are tied.

There will be a possibility of buying on crypto exchanges (soon), as the ICO will be held for an extended time until the distribution of the tokens is complete.

The duration of the ICO is aimed at avoiding any hype around the DebitCoin crypto currency, and accordingly the value of the tokens will stay stable after emotional purchases with a short primary distribution, when investors stand in line for a purchase and are ready to purchase it at any price specified by the seller.




This is a program designed to promote crypto currency, the main crypto currency for promotion at this moment is DebitCoin (DBC). It is aimed to improve the visibility, popularity and usage of DebitCoin around the world.

In the Bounty Program, you can earn DebitCoin by performing various social activities on the Internet (starting from news repostings, creating your own posts, active involvment on forums).

Bounty DebitCoin program implies the allocation of 3% of the total issue on DEBITCoin or 30 000 000 DBC, and is available on the Bounty Starter platform at https://bountystarter.io/

The minimum amount for the output is 10 DebitCoin (DBC).

It can be a topic in any popular forum dedicated to earnings, investments, business, crypto-currencies, ICO and the world of Blockchain. Examples:

At the moment, there is an affiliate program for attracting users to the project with the accrual of 2 DBC for the registration of partners (as of 13.10.2017). In the future, it is planned to encourage senior partners for the activity of users they refer.

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